Quran, Noble Quran

Quran: [17:36] "You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them."

Quran: [49:12] "O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it...But fear Allah. For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful."

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Fleeing of the Slave

Muslim reported in his Sahih that, “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

“When the slave flee away (from his master), his/her prayer will not be accepted.” (Muslim)

The Prophet (pbuh) is also reported to have said,

“Any slave that flees away, the pledge of Islam is cleared from him.”( Muslim)

Ibn Khuzaimah reported in his Sahih from the hadith of Jabir who said, “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

“There are three people whose prayer will not be accepted, nor will their good deeds be raised up to the sky, a fleeing slave until he returns to his master, a rebellious woman until her husband be satisfied with her and a drunkard until his mind is restored. ”

Fudalah Ibn ‘Ubaid reported that,

“There are three people who will be neglected by Allah, a man who severe the community, disobeys his ruler (Imam) and died in such state, a fleeing slave and a woman whose husband is absent and provided her with all her needs, but she unveiled herself after his absence.”( previously mentioned)